Garmin Edge 830 vs. 1030 Plus Display

Looking to see whether my expectations are off or I have a genuine issue. I just received a 1030 Plus and the screen is no where close to the clarity of the 830. I have to jack the brightness up to >50% and at that the contrast and colors are closer to greyscale than color. They have no “pop” and you can barely make out what color it is.

Garmin says the displays are different between them, which is fine, but I can’t see them being that much different. All the pictures I see online from users look like they are much closer in color definition and brightmess.

I don’t have any experience with them both but I’m pretty sure the 30 moniker can be a bit misleading as the 10XX series is usually a year behind the 8XX and 5XX of the same version.

So the 1030 Plus hardware isn’t the same as the 830. It would be a year or more behind.

Right here (first post), GPLama says that it’s washed out compared to the 530/830:

People are also saying that the 1030 plus seems to work better in sun/daylight compared to indoors/shade.

Thanks, I couldn’t find that reference when searching. I am trying to level set my expectations. It looks like the thread covers exactly what I am seeing.

I can accept that different models will have different screens.The reason for going to the 1030 was to make it easier on the old eyes. To me, the colours seem so washed out that it is hardly discernible that it is color over greyscale and jacking up the brightness to 50% or more is not acceptable for battery life. I’ll give it a try but if there is no advantage it might go back to Garmin and keep the 830.

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I thought the 1030s display was terrible when compared with my old 1000. Once you bring the unit outside, I don’t think you’ll notice a difference. If it’s still difficult to read outside, return it. I’ve been using the 1030 for a couple of years and it’s fine….just not great inside for some reason.

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