Garmin 830 or 1030 bundle

I have been on the road for 2 years, only using a “computer” showing speed and distance.
Now I want to buy an upgrade:grinning:
But what should it be?
The price where I live is almost the same.
I think the 830 is an updated (and smaller) 1030, and because I buy bundle I believe the sensors also is updated?

Help - 1030/830?

1030 if the size doesn’t bother you.


I really like my 1030. I don’t find the size an issue. I’m not sure what they could add to it that would make me want to change.

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How about climbpro?

830 if you are like me and do not like the size of the 1030.

As for ClimbPro, IIRC @dcrainmaker mentions in his either his 530 or 830 review that ClimbPro will be released for the Edge 1030. Thus, I imagine it would be included in a soon to be released firmware update.

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Ok - I thought so with ClimbPro.

How about the sensors. Are the sensors in 830 bundle better than the ones in 1030 bundle?

I really dont know about size. Everything is bigger than what I use now

Then go w/the 830 unless you want the ginormous screen of the 1030. Also, the 830 is newer hardware (ie., gps chip, cpu, etc…)

I believe the 830 bundle includes the new dual ANT+/Bluetooth sensors. I do not know if they 1030 bundle has been upgraded to include the new sensors. That is something you will definitely want to pay attention if you decide to go w/a bundle, especially the 1030 bundle.

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I bought a 1030 for my bike recently and like it a lot. Big screen that’s easy to read was the selling point. It does feel really big coming from a Bolt. I did pick up a 520 Plus with the recent discounts for racing and I’ll use the 1030 for everything else. The only time I’ve looked at my computer in a race so far is to see HR…it’s just there for post-race analysis. Guess it depends how good your eyes are. Mine are good with contacts but it seems easier to acquire what data I want on the 1030.

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Sorry to revive an old thread but i am in a similar situation.

Halfords UK are now doing the 1030 for £15 less than the 830

I’m leaning more towards the 830 still but want reassuring that i’m not being stupid. Am i correct in thinking that all the 1030 adds over the 830 is the screen size? I’ve read that the 830 is quicker and i think i would be fine with the smaller screen. It will be replacing a 1000 unit i have currently.

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The 830 screen is one snappy puppy compared to the 1030. It’s also brighter and has better colours, imo. My 1030 hasn’t seen much use since the 830 (and 530) came along.