Garmin edge 1040 suggested workouts

Has anyone tried the adaptive training of Garmin. If one plans events with a course and a goal (time or speed), the edge 1040 will provide training plan that adapts daily. Has anyone tried that?

To be clear - this really isn’t “adaptive training” nor a “training plan”. There is a feature that will generate you a pacing plan for a particular course - akin to what Best Bike Split does. For example if you want to plan a TT effort you give it your FTP, tell it you want to go flat out (10/10 effort) and it will suggest what power you need over the course. If you want a slightly easier training ride, tell it you want an 8/10 effort.

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Garmin does provide that too and is called Power Guide, I think. But if you put on the calendar Ă  race with a course and tell it that you want to train so that you can finish it in p, say, 4 hours then it provides a training plan with a base, build, peak, etc. It does show you only the workouts of the next seven days and adapts if you do a workout for the whole week. I have seen it only on the 1040 after an update they did a couple of weeks ago. Has anyone have any experience with it?