Garmin Calander not showing outdoor workouts

Title says it out. I attempted to send General build high volume to my garmin account since I found my old garmin 500 but it did not work. I only see one workout in garmin connect (Laramie). Is there anything that I am doing wrong? anything I should look for?


Nothing like this?

We only push the workouts two days in advance to minimize the processing required during the sync. As you get closer to the dates of those workouts, they will push to your Garmin :+1:

If they are not pushing two days in advance, please let our Support Team know at so that they can look more deeply into this issue.

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Okay! That might be the problem then. I only see one workout.

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That looks right to me. As the days progress, you will start to see more workouts pop up in the Garmin calendar :+1: