Garmin 945 help


just had a new garmin 945, can anyone tell me how to change the fields during a training run, they are not the same as what I have set up during a normal run.

At least on the 935, when I set up an Workout, i get a new screen… You can scroll up or down to see your own screens…

I havent tried to edit them.

It can get pretty busy when you add a course + training run, but dont your original screens stay there and just have the extra screens added on top?

Don’t have a 945, but on the 735XT, you can set up different activity profiles. Can you set up a different profile for each of your “types” of run? Then you can choose the best arrangement of fields for each type, and not have to fiddle each time you do an activity.

What is your general feedback regarding Garmin 945 and a powermeter? Does it work correctly? Or are there any downsides (timeouts, interrupts, too high battery consumption?)

power meter has been fine so far, what I am not impressed with his heart rate, its all over the place. Telling me I am in zone 5 when I am on a long IM ride and holding a very easy pace

With the optical sensor or a HR strap?

My 735 has an issue with the inbuild sensor, sometimes it will not measure correctly (there are gaps and all measurements are roughly the same), but disabling and then enabling the HR sensor in the settings fixes it. You’d think they got rid of that problem with the 945, but can’t harm to try and reset it.

Chest strap or the wrist sensor? I tend to use a chest strap for most serious training.

On my 945 the optical sensor works like a charm. Sorry don’t know about 7xx

Which power meter do you all use with Garmin sport watches ?

It works with my Stages, sort of. To get the watch to connect, I have to hold it right next to the powermeter, and try a couple of times. Once it’s connected, it seems fine though.

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I’m apparently constantly detraining.

Works smoothly, no issues here.

Edit: using Assioma Favero Uno.

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What do you mean exactly? The data fields, such as HR, pace, etc.?


Menu (hold Up button) > Activities and apps > Running > Settings > Data displays

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