Heart rate from Garmin

Does anyone know if it’s possible to broadcast HR from either the garmy 935 or the 745 and if so how. Cheers dudes :call_me_hand:

Looks like it Forerunner 935 - Broadcasting Heart Rate Data During an Activity


I don’t recommend doing this in cold weather


Cheers buddy for the info dude nice :+1: one :mechanical_arm:

Cheers buddy. Appreciate the response :+1:

I use this function a lot with a 945, but HR straps don’t work well for me (I suspect I have the wrong kind of sweat) and the optical HR seems to be reliable and accurate enough (advantages of thin, pallid skin?).

I broadcast to phone (Bluetooth) or laptop (ant+ dongle) for TR workouts, and to an edge 530 for outdoor workouts or rides.

Not sure if you can do this on 935/745 but I’ve set the activity button as a hotkey for HR broadcast, so I just press and hold to get to the broadcast screen instead of having to dig through the menus.


Oh yes, I should mention as well that some people use this to broadcast during a watch activity for example if running on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike that can show HR but won’t push an activity back to Garmin. I don’t use this function as I’m always on TR or using the edge 530, and both of those push activity metrics back to the watch for physio true-up, so training status still updates. If you are doing other things, then dcrainmaker has some good instructions especially for using Bluetooth or ant+

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Ace :+1: info buddy. Mostly I use verity sense optical HR monitor which works really well. I just sometimes like to use different stuff just for a change :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

On the 745 it is
》Wrist HR
》 Broadcast Heart Rate or
》 Broadcast Heart During Activity

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Ace :+1: guidance buddy. Cheers for your help :+1::+1::+1:

I have a Vivoactive 4 and it sucks for HR. I use a rythym 24 and if I compare the two they are nowhere near each other. If doing V02 work my rythym has me in the correct zone…170’s…but the gatmin will say 90’s…opposite doing gym work…90’s for the rythym and 150’s for the garmin…bottom line…wrist HR is not accurate yet.

I have a Garmin Instinct Solar and during trainer rides the HR seems really good. However, in broadcast mode it sucks, but if you “broadcast during activity” it’s excellent.

I’ve just got a Garmin 530 so will be testing the Instinct broadcasting options with that and see what happens.