Anyone use a Garmin Watch for HR tracking?

And Also use one for on bike tracking instead of a Garmin 530/830 type of device?

I have a Fenix 5 I wear all the time. I use it for every ride I do both inside and outside. There are times when I will use my Wahoo Elemnt and Fenix at the same time just to compare data. For the most part everything always matches to the point that I’m satisfied with whatever data I end up with (trainer, watch, head unit, pedals, Quarq) they all match very closely so I don’t sweat the data differences.

I use my Forerunner 945 for everything except strength training. I find that wrist based optical sensors do not work very well when the wrist is constantly flexing. For that I use a separate HR monitor paired to the 945.

I use a Garmin 920XT because Triathlon. When I ride outside I use it to track power, cadence, HR, then everything else that the watch sees with its sensors. It does a fine job logging all of this. If I start doing more gravel or fondo rides I’d probably want to get a Garmin 530. It’s dangerous sometimes to move your wrist to your face to check time or speed, so having it at a stationary place on your bike helps with that issue.

I have a fenix 6x…but I put on a chest strap for workouts for much better accuracy

I use a chest strap, instead of my 945, when on the trainer and for S & C. Not sure if I fidget more on the trainer but I don’t find wrist HR anywhere near as accurate as the chest strap in that regard. Especially for vo2max intervals.

I use a Fenix 5X and find the HR data to be unacceptably inaccurate. I use a Garmin HR strap with it when I care about capturing HR data.

(I don’t train with HR data, but the activities score me points on our healthcare app and erase my monthly healthcare premiums.)

Use a 735xt for off road and running. HR seems to be similar to using a strap, unless it is very cold. I think when it’s cold, the capillaries in my wrist get smaller and the optical sensor has trouble picking it up. At least that’s my explanation.

Think there are some cases when it is known the optical sensors don’t work as well, for example if you have darker skin or very hairy arms, or if you wear the watch too losely. I’ve also had mud go under it and throw it off.