Garmin 9.0 and ERG Mode

My Garmin 1030 updated today to OS 9.0.

After updating, I got a prompt recognizing my “smart trainer” and the Indoor Cycling activity brings up a menu that looks like I might be able to control ERG mode from my Garmin.

Is it possible to push TR “outdoor” workouts to my Garmin and use my Garmin to control my smart trainer? I don’t use the TR outdoor feature myself, otherwise I would have given it a shot, but was curious if anyone has given it a try yet…

That should work… but you’ve just come full circle. TrainerRoad will likely do a much better job of trainer control when you’re indoors.

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Haven’t tried TR outdoor workouts but done TP created workouts. Don’t think that it’s any better or worse than TR controlling it but not sure I see the point of it unless one forgets their phone, PC, tablet, etc. to run TR.

I saw that too on my 530. I notice the resistance setting within the activity. While it might be great for non TR users as @GPLama said TR will do a much better job and better experience. In a pinch it is good that it is there.

530 upgraded to 5.0.

For indoor workouts I’m dual recording - iPhone running TrainerRoad and 530 recording for all the Firstbeat metrics and advice. Would be nice to run TR workouts directly on 530 but it would need to support PowerMatch.

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One possible use case for running the workouts on a head unit is for the older and now unsupported hardware like the CycleOps PowerBeam Pro trainer. That was dropped in the latest PC/Mac update and I expect the same for the pending mobile update.

So the Garmin/Wahoo device control might be a way for people to extend the useful life for some older trainers.

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I’m curious to try it. I also dual run my phone with my Garmin like @bbarrera, but I just stopped using Powermatch because my PMs, Neo trainer and Neo bike are all pretty close to each other.

I have issues on Android cycling between TR and like Google Play Music or when using TR and casting/ streaming video to my TV. Maybe the simpler Garmin interface will be less crash-y.

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