Garmin 130/130+ & di2 Question

I am looking at picking up a garmin 130 or 130 plus but am wondering if it is possible to use the di2 hood buttons to control and swap screens on the unit? I have read that there may be limitations with di2 integration with the 130 variant but am wondering if anyone has experience?

Specifically want to replace my 510 which i run on my crit bike and would love to be able to use something smaller but that can take di2 hood buttons so i can swap screens as needed.

Looks like it’s a no. (Reddit post asking the same question)


From experience, the 130 is totally oblivious of the DI2 system. You would have to go to the 540/540 Solar. The 130 is ignorant of the varia as well. It’s a ‘basic computer’, heavy on basic. Not that it’s a bad computer, but it has some serious limitations for more advanced riders.

The 130 series supports Varia Radar (if that’s what you’re referring to).

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You are right, in my haste, I saw ‘varia’, but it’s the ‘varia remote’ that isn’t supported. In hindsight, it would be crazy for Garmin not to support their own radar safety product.

The 130 does support the ‘Edge Remote’, which supports some of what the buttons on the hoods do, so there is an option for ‘remote control’, just not using the DI2 system.