Garmin 130 or 130 plus

I am considering getting either of the above. I am looking for advice on whether the basic 130 will work with Trainerroad (outdoor and indoor) sessions. It looks like the newer 130 plus definitely does from the DC Rainmaker review. Looking on the TR list of compatible Garmin units, neither the 130 or 130 plus are listed. I’m confused.

130+ just added features live livetrack 2.0 and others as well as fixed some issues from the 130.

I am looking on the DC Rainmaker review for the 130, review dated back in April 2018. It says “Note that structured workouts are not supported on the Edge 130 (meaning, downloaded workouts to execute)”.

I have the 130 and I don’t recommend it.

Sometimes I leave it in my bike at work hoping that someone will snatch it!

My 130 is slow to start/auto pause, if its syncing it drops ant+ and the battery indicator tends to go up when it does so (ie you can’t trust it). The good thing about the 130 is the size, simplicity, screen clarity and ability to pick up Ant+ but the 130+ does that too and I think garmin have addressed the issues in the 130+, that’d be my choice.

So will the ordinary 130 work with Trainerroad?

A garmin head unit is separate from Trainer Road (No Garmin is needed) :thinking:

So you can push training sessions from Trainer Road into a Garmin unit. The Garmin 130 plus explicitly supports this. However, it does not appear on the Trainerroad list of approved units to use with Trainer Road. I am wondering whether the same is true of the base version 130?

I see what you mean you want to do outdoor work outs. For outdoor work outs I use my 1000. I’ve never tried with the 130 but it won’t take workout from Garmin Connect or TrainingPeaks so I doubt it does from Trainer Road and nothing has ever appeared on the 130.

The 130+ is not on the list either:

Thanks. I think the list is out of date, probably. DC RainMaker has a screen shot at the top of his blog with the 130 plus screen showing a Trainer Road workout.

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Definitely the 130+ then going by the review, the 130

" lacked any of the advanced workout features and related functions that people expected from a mid-range (or higher) computer. Not to mention some initial confusion on battery life. Yet, it was still an incredibly capable unit in an incredibly small package if your expectations were aligned to the device’s intentions. Still, it probably needed some tweaking…thus, the Edge 130 Plus."

Thanks. I ordered the 130+. Will update this thread in a week as there is little to no information about using this with TrainerRoad.

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Does anyone have any experience with the LiveTracking and Courses etc on MTB/off road?

Just as an update, I am using the 130+ successfully with a Rotor Inpower chainset. Seems to work well. I have kept the screen setup simple, with power/cadence/heart rate…so that I don’t obsess with speed.

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