Fueling during passover?

It’s Passover (a jewish holiday where certain foods are restricted for 8 days). Restrictions limit eating products with oats, rice, corn (i.e., no maltodextrin that most ride food consists of), beans, flour, or anything that causes food to rise when cooked. As it stands those are great carbs that I can’t eat.

I can have fruits and potatoes. Any suggestions for passover friendly foods that are easy on the gut during high intensity?

Thank you all in advanced! Trainer road rocks and I recommend as much as I can!

Pure cane sugar I think still works for you. Mix in some electrolytes and you should be good to go for fueling on the bike. Off of the bike I think sweet potatoes are good. Plus there’s all the protein in the Passover meal.

I’m Catholic so it’s various days of fasting for us. I move my workouts around so that the day after a fast is easier (I ride early in the morning).

Alternatively you could schedule a recovery week during Passover. May be a little late this year but possibly in the future.

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My wife suggest chocolate covered matzo, this lead me down a rabbit hole to toffee matzo. Maybe not the best texture, but a nice substitute for something like a honey stinger?

Now I wonder how well those fruit slices candies that come around for Passover would work? Or the chocolate covered jellies?


UPDATED after a unfortunately timed ramp test:

It’s hard!