FTP test outdoors - Avg Pwr, Zero Avg, NP?

Hi all - my first time posting in the forum, but been using TR for a couple of years and love the product, the podcasts, community, and especially the results!

Anyway - preparing for my first outdoors FTP test (just bought my first power meter, 4iiii). Have previously tested on my Tacx Flux, but have a feeling my outdoors results will be significantly higher than indoors. A few questions on how to best perform the test (I’ll be doing the 2x8 minutes version):

  • Am I right in understanding that TR recommends using the better of the two 8 minute efforts as FTP (multiplied by 0.9 of course)?
  • Do you recommend using Avg Pwr, Avg Pwr with Zero Averaging, or NP? I figure that which ever I use for testing, I will use for training as well and I would think that either of the latter two should give the best result - what’s your take?

As a subnote, I’d be curious about your opinon on which of the three is the best approximation of an indoor effort.

Looking forwards to your thoughts

Average power with zeros is always what you should be looking at. You don’t want the “best” result, you want the correct result.

No. If you want to use the 8 minute test, average the two efforts, then multiply by .9.

If you want to do a 20 minute test, don’t forget to do the 5 minute effort at 110% or above, then do the 20 minute effort and then multiply by .95.

If you have the roads to do a properly long test (35-40mins) and are properly motivated, do one of these instead and you’ll have the best idea of your FTP.

Have fun. And remember the best result is the most correct number, not the highest number.


Thanks Steve - I’ll do as you suggest, AP w. Zero Avg.