FTP result using Flux and Kickr

6 weeks ago I commenced sweet spot base high volume and my FTP ramp test was 295 on a Tacx Flux trainer. Over 5 weeks of this program I trained on the flux until I had to return it due to a loud noise. I then started using my wife’s Wahoo kickr and this week I ramp test for the second phase of sweet spot base and tested at 320 FTP. This seems like a massive disparity in numbers and I was keen to see if anyone had experienced the same issue. Both trainers are always calibrated before each session using TR calibration and firmware is up to date. I will also add that I feel erg mode on the flux has a higher perceived effort than the kickr in my view.

You can’t compare FTP results from different trainers or training protocols. If you feel the Kickr was setup correctly and you’re going to continue to train on it, use that result as your new baseline and go from there.


Agree with Julianoliver, you cant compare between the two.
My problem is that I cant even compare the beginning of the workout with the end.
I have a Tacx Flux and recently aquired a set of Assioma pedals. I am doing double logging to check the consistency of my flux. The results so far indicate that the flux is under reporting quite heavily, 12% 30W or so, until heated up (20-25 mins in). After that it over-reports a tiny bit, probably within a couple of %.

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As I remember, that jives with the test results on the reviews fro DCR and GPL.

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What gen Kickr?! Gen1 Kickr is/was notorious for being high. Mine had a consistent offset of ~15W regardless of wattage or temperature or operating duration when compared to several other power meters which all read about the same.

I went from a TacX Vortex, which was sound like s rocket ship, to a TacX Flux 2. Vortex had me at 370 and now currently training at 251 on the Flux 2. Both devices were giving me good workouts. I find lower % FTP rides on the Flux more challenging which was quite tiring at the start but I have become adjusted and enjoy that discrepancy now.

Which is closer to correct? I have no idea. All that really matters to me though is the % increase in FTP from test to test.