Ramp Test Discrepancy

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I’ve started using TrainerRoad in September of 2020, and I’m a huge fan. I took a two week break, and have gotten back on the saddle this week. When I did my ramp test, I got quite a low value, lower than my FTP from when I started riding 2 years ago. I initially thought this was due to my time off, however today, two days after the test, I just maintained the same wattage as my FTP for over an hour and ten minutes, without my heart rate ever going to anaerobic zones. TrainerRoad seems to predict a lower FTP than other softwares like Zwift (this has been the case since I’ve started using TrainerRoad — I have around a 30 watt difference in my ramp tests between both softwares using the same trainer and set up). So, I was wondering if it’s just a matter of retesting through another ramp test, or if I should try a different testing protocol like the 20min test? Any advice or experience is much appreciated.

*I used the same trainer for all of my indoor riding, a Tacx Neo 2T. I’m 128 lbs.

I was finding a similar flux ramp tests were getting lower but I was improving and doing longer hour stints higher than the ramp test FTP. I started ignoring them when they fell below 250 to 226w. Changed to a 20 min test and got an FTP between 255w (90%) and 270w(95%). Subsequently I found 260w was right on my limit. You’ll find a lot threads on the topic but basically whilst a ramp test works for most folk it can either be too low or too high for some and the explore other tests.

or 8min test.

TrainerRoad gives you the option:

and approved in the Ramp Test FAQ:

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