FTP ramp test vs Outdoors

Just a quick one, i completed the ramp test and the result was pretty ordinary. why does my outdoor FTP exceed my ramp test?

Assuming you are using the same power meter and bike outside as on the trainer, as well as the same FTP test (not sure how you do a ramp test outdoors), there are several reasons why it can be higher outside. Some of which can be, cooling, enjoyment, RPE, motivation and willingness to suffer outdoors versus indoors. It is more common to have your outdoor higher than indoors.

@MI-XC thanks for the feed back much appreciated, for my outdoor rides i use the garmin vector pedals and virtual on the indoor. Do you think that i should try a ramp test using the Garmin vectors, your thoughts!

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Definitely try the ramp test with the vector, especially since it’s so easy to move them over.

Virtual do not have the same precision and accuracy. A small error, as 10watts, on the ramp test will really have an affect. (although my own perception of virtual is that they it most commonly overestimates the wattage)


What @Roadrunner said :+1:.

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