FTP ramp test vs 20 min

I am in the middle of a build phase. One Tuesday I took a ramp test and tested at 274, which is up from 268 for me since last test. Then on Wed morning I did an 11 mile TT on Zwift and my 20 minute power was 302. Using the 95% of 20 min formula, that would put my FTP at 286. So, do I go with the 274 or 286? Today I did my first TR workout at 274. It was a hard workout (Dude +4, so 9x 2:30 at vo2) and I am on tired legs but it was tough. I am more of a TT’er/triathlete so it isn’t surprising to me that I do better on a 20 min test than on a ramp. Thanks!

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