FTP progression

I’m curious what type of progression everyone has seen over time from their first ftp test. So I thought it would be cool if everyone posted their progression of their ftp over time, cycling experience before their first ftp test, training plan, volume, tss, etc.
8/8/20 was my first ever ride.
9/28/20 my first ramp test with trainerroad,ftp 190
9/28/20 start high volume sweet spot base (but I ended up reducing the time and bumping up the intensity so it was more like threshold intervals)
10/26/20 felt really good so I went hard on one of the 20min intervals and averaged 236 which would put my ftp at 224. So that’s up 34 watts in only 4 weeks.
I know I can’t expect gains like this every month, so I’m looking to see everyone’s progression over time.

Have you seen this thread? https://www.trainerroad.com/forum/t/your-ftp-improvements/

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Thanks, I haven’t seen this.

Not to rain on your parade here, but using that as your FTP is probably a bad idea. A proper 20 minute protocol leads with a 5-minute VO2max-type blowout effort. I’d recommend testing properly to ensure you’ve set an accurate FTP. There are a host of complications of training too high.

That said, those gains are nice! You should expect FTP to go up quickly as a new rider. Enjoy the journey!

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