Ftp/kg or w/kg... that is the question

What is the difference between ftp/kg or w/kg?

Throughout the forum postings tend to switch between the two. I have read that to find your w/kg you need to divide your max wattage by your age, FTP divided by your age is obviously a different number.

So for once and for all…

How do I find my w/kg?
How do I find my FTP/kg?

How do I use both numbers in TR usage?

The units of measurement for FTP is Watts (W)

W/kg = FTP/kg
where kg = your weight in kilograms

Nowhere does your age fit into any of this.


Traditionally w/kg would be your FTP (in watts) divided by your weight (in kg).

You can obviously calculate w/kg for any duration, but FTP (or 1 hour power) is the most common

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