Best way to Improve Watts Per Kilo?

Hey guys just wondering if anyone has any insight into what’s best to improve upon an athletes W/Kg.

I’m 9st 2/3 and have an FTP of ~240 so my W/Kg being 4.1. I don’t want to drop any more weight to improve my W/Kg and was wondering if it’s a good idea to gain some weight to gain more Watts?

I want to climb mountains as fast as possible so being light helps that a lot - Any information on the matter would be great & maybe W/Kg doesn’t really matter in comparison to pure power output.

Thanks guys

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Focus on the training. Fuel the work. And let your body be what it will be. The best way to gain power is not to gain muscle (although it usually helps), but to give your body plenty of fuel in training.

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No it isn’t - I weigh 60/61kg - I have a huge variation in FTP - 300W last year in the big ring on my kickr snap, 265 W in the small ring at the moment and about 250W last year for a 25m TT on my TT bike - regardless of what you take you are correct that I get my butt kicked in flat TT by guys with worse w/kg than me who have good Cd but it wouldn’t improve if I put on weight because you catch more wind…and I won our club hill climb easily :grinning:…you need to focus on putting out more power and keeping your weight constant - that’s what I’m trying to do…especially if you want to climb.

So you want to improve W/ kg, but not lose more weight (which is healthy at your weight)? Simple math would tell us the only Avenue left is increasing your FTP :sweat_smile: or did I miss something here?

But seriously: Assuming you fuel yourself properly you will have to train and improve. If you are not fueling properly eat more and see if the FTP goes up!


TR’s “Elements of Getting Faster” has a pretty good list. Consistency in training is probably the single most important element, but you need to balance all of them.

  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Recovery
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facetious response; increase FTP and lose weight


beat me to it :rofl:

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