Hi All,

I am new to TR and have only recently started training on a Smart Trainer (Elite Tuo) since the pandemic, however many times i calibrate and regardless of the platform i.e. elite, TR, Zwift…i keep getting crazy FTP readings of around 420?! I have never measured my FTP prior to purchasing a smart trainer a few months back however i am not ignorant and under no illusion this is very inaccurate. At the moment this is not affecting my training as the workouts are structured around my perceived FTP so i am in theory getting the right stimulus, however it is really bugging me?

Any ideas or suggestions on what i can do?

Thanks in advance

According to DCR the Elite scores pretty good on his accuracy tests:

Do you have access to another bike with a PM that you could validate the numbers with, perhaps borrow a friends bike?

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Take up Zwift racing?


Yes, this is a typical case that if your FTP was 420W you would know that.
There are a bunch of things to check before doing the calibration: https://elitesrl.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016365900-How-to-maximize-accuracy-during-TUO-trainer-workouts

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Assuming you’re not 120kg+, if you had an FTP north of 400 you would at the very least know you were pretty damn quick, as you’d be dropping almost everyone you rode with and setting Strava KOMs/top 10s all over the place. I’d power match with a good power meter, personally, for the best solution. Alternatively, given the shortage of smart trainers at the moment, if you could source a Kickr/Drivo or similar, I’d be tempted to buy that and sell the Tuo - you won’t lose much money on what you paid.

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Find a hill to ride up, do an 8 or 20 min FTP test, and use the VAM formula to calculate w/kg. Then multiply the result by 0.9 or 0.95 to estimate FTP.

This will tell you if your trainer is in the right ballpark or not.

FWIW, this approach allowed me to estimate my FTP within a few percent before I bought a smart trainer.

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No unfortunately not! I might try doing it on a friends set up and see what the difference looks like.

Thanks however I have used this and doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Might keep an eye out for a Kickr, unfortunately they are like unicorn dust at the moment!