FTP Detection not working

Hi all,
I signed up for the “early access” and enabled FTP detection.
So I had a FTP test scheduled today and pressed the “use FTP detection” button, on the carrier page.
It says it will take a minute and I press “Got it!”.
It’s been 30 minutes and I’ve gotten no update. Does it take this long? Or am I doing something wrong?
Thanks all!

Contact support@trainerroad.com for direct help.

Oh right. Sent them an email.

Have you closed the app or navigated away, then come back to"Career"? Click on use FTP Detection again

Yes, I closed and opened it and clicked it again. No change. so tried phone app a while later, no go :frowning:

Problem fixed by customer service, yay!


They’re the best! :metal:
Glad you’re all sorted. Make sure to provide feedback or check in with support if you think anything is amiss. Cheers!


Oh no, I lost the email so I don’t know who helped.
Whoever it was, THANK YOU!