FTP detection 28 day countdown to the hour is ridiculous

Edit. I’m withdrawing this question

Do you need to refresh the FTP on the second it’s available? I assume you can just do it the following morning.


Those two data points don’t seem inconstant. Sorry, just sayin.

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I would go do an ftp test then if your finding an ftp is not giving the results you want. Go out and perform a long style FTP test and use that as a more accurate reflection of your real ftp.

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Not sure what your point is now. I highly doubt there is any concrete study on refreshing ones ftp exactly every 28 days and that it was chosen because it nicely lines up with a typical 3week on 1week recovery schedule that many cyclists and tr plans use.

My suggestion to do an ftp test was attempting to solve your issue with feeling that your FTP was off.

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I’m not a troll. However, personally I would not, and have not ever, let TR consistently get me to do workouts that are too easy. We have the tools here to change that. We still have to be our own coach.


It does not need you to stay up to refresh your ftp, that’s your choice. Refreshing it at 11pm or 9am the next day is not going to give you any different result assuming you perform no workouts between those hours.


Maybe I am misunderstanding your original question but why does refreshing your ftp exactly on the cooldown matter?

If you’re so sure it is too low, adjust it up manually. But something tells me this isnt about a correct FTP…


I already said there is probably absolutely no scientific reason for it being at 28 days but that was chosen for convenience. I assume the software just sets the cooldown to the same time 28 days later but that would only be something that the TR developers could answer for sure.

Line drawing of any kind often feels arbitrary. And many forms of line drawing can result in, let’s just say a significant loss of personal freedom. But in this relatively benign question of AI FTP detection, what line would you choose to draw, if any?

Two points: I actually do mark my calendar when FTP detection is available. Like you, my AI FTP is available near midnight. So I mark my calendar so that AI FTP shows up on it the next day.

Second point, no matter when you or I view it, nothing is delayed for the next time.

Technically you don’t “pay for AI FTP,” you pay for AI FTP every 28 days

I don’t believe this is correct. As I understand it, AI FTP runs on a 28 day cycle regardless of when you view it. If I wasn’t literally on the trainer right now, I would research it for you.

Posting from the trainer? Man i must be doing my z2 wrong

Ha! Nah, it’s just endurance. I gotta thank you guys for helping it go faster :rofl:

You do realize that with adaptive training the AI FTP detection shouldn’t have a large impact on the intensity of your training?

Further, if you lose a race because 1 workout every 28 days was marginally easier than it could’ve been, then you were never going to win that race to begin with.

Are you saying that because the trainer road AI FTP didn’t tell you that you have a higher FTP you were unable to ride faster? Or are you saying that because 1 workout every 28 days was marginally easier, that your FTP is 25w lower?

It sounds like maybe your real issue is that you don’t think the AI FTP is accurate. Having it update a few hours earlier is not going to magically change your perception of its accuracy.

And to clarify, I’m not here to say if it is or is not accurate for you. I don’t know. But I do know that it updating a few hours earlier won’t change the level of accuracy.

Doesn’t Adaptive Training already sorta fill that need?

It should just run after every workout one does and update accordingly. Maybe TR can increase the precision as well, rounding to the nearest watt can lead to less gains in the long term.

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