Feature Request: reduce AI FTP blocking from 28 days

Following on from a thread over the weekend, having the 28 day counter (to the second!?!) is a bit of pain if you want to shift things at the start of a block for “life” reasons.

For example, I follow Low Volume, partly to give me flexibility for work/ family/ life. Coming out of the recovery week, I wanted to start the next block on the Saturday or Sunday rather than the Tuesday, but couldn’t update FTP, and get the replacement workout, until the 28 days was up.

Additionally, having it to the second means that eventually, we’ll be delayed starting the next block or not even able to move the workout earlier in the day.

I suggested 25 days, but maybe 21 days is better. And just to the day, not the hour, minute and second!


I believe a the end of a block you can insert non-riding days, ie. Adjust the start of the next block. If that is two far out then use train now to fill in the gap as you desire.

Hey there! The primary reason we keep that 28-day timer on is that changes in FTP take time and we don’t want athletes worrying about changing their FTP before it’s necessary to do so. This support article fully explains our reasoning.

If you only want to use AI FTP Detection to get a replacement workout for the Ramp Test, you can delete the Ramp Test and use a TrainNow workout, or you could search for a Productive workout in the TR Workout Library that matches the rest of your plan. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so yourself, you can reach out to TR Support via live chat on the TR website or by an email ticket, or you can DM/ping me here on the Forum and we’d be happy to get your plan adjusted. :slight_smile:


I get the logic, but I don’t think it’s taking into account Life/ flexibility that I love about the TR calendar.

Whatever about the 28 days, I really don’t see the logic of tying it to the exact second.

If you’re insistent on the 28 days, you should allow the swap ramp test for workout option without the FTP detection - part of what I’m supporting is AT so I don’t have to guess what workout to do on my plan!

Don’t worry about it. 1 workout wont make any difference. Just pick a trainnow workout on the sat or sunday, update the FTP on the Tuesday and carry on :slight_smile:


But think of the gainz I’m missing out on! I suppose eventually it’ll come back around to a week ahead unless I hit it dead on 28 days to the second!

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I feel like I mostly agree with this logic but what if you’re seeing the big gains from the start of structured workouts. As in when your gains are in the 15+ watt range it seems like your workouts could be done at way too easy of a level compared to your “real” ftp

I meant to mention in my reply as well – AI FTP Detection does not count down to the second, just down to the day.

It looks like you last used AI FTP Detection on February 5th, so you could use it again on March 5th at 12:00 a.m. if you wanted to. No need to wait until the precise moment you used it on February 5th.

We’re working on an update for AI FTP Detection where a Ramp Test will not load in your Calendar if you cannot use AI FTP Detection, so this whole process will be automated in the future! A replacement workout will be slotted into your plan in place of the Ramp Test.


You’ll still get gains by progressing to higher workout levels at your current FTP. If you’ve progressed really rapidly in the previous block and are bumping up against the top end of the progression levels and they’re still feeling pretty easy then you can always manually adjust FTP up a bit. But yes, a couple of days of doing workouts at old FTP instead of (anticipated) new FTP is really going to make no difference at all in the long run.


This is useful info. At first glance the timer looks to be counting down to the 28 day exactly.

Might be worth a small note on the timer to say what it’s counting down to?

(I’m not that phased on the timer issues, just interesting observation as to what I think a lot of people may assume it’s counting down to)


Am I wrong or the timer is effectively 29 days? I found that if, for example, I use the AI detection on a Monday, then the next time I can use it is on a Tuesday, because it will unlock only at midnight on Monday. Not super nice.

Unless you’re off the couch or coming back from sickness, are people really seeing massive jumps that warrant checking more frequently than every 28 days?


A counterpoint, though… if you’ve had 3 weeks completely off the bike due to vacation or illness, the current system doesn’t let you autodetect a new, lower FTP. You’re expected to pick up training at the same FTP but with lower progression levels. The lower progression levels definitely help somewhat, but I think 3 weeks inactivity really does warrant a new lower FTP to get you in the right zones…

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It’s just 28 days – I checked out your account, and it looks like recently you used AI FTP Detection on December 21, 2022, and then again on January 18, 2023, exactly 28 days later (and both days fell on a Wednesday). :slight_smile:

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That may be an edge case but Seems like that edge case would be important to handle. These would more likely be the people new to trainer road and you’d want the new people to stick around.

I’ve gone up ~50 watts since when I started in early Dec. (still low FTP but early gains can be big)

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Personally speaking, 28 days seems a good fit (if you are working within the bounds of a relatively accurate FTP value).

Over the course of a 28 day cycle following the suggested workouts as prescribed via AT, with the majority of my sessions usually surveyed as hard or very hard (with some moderate ones sprinkled in), I find my FTP usually only goes up 3 to 5 watts, if it goes up at all.

To me, being able to check it any more frequently would likely yield no benefit… YMMV, of course.

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I know I’m talking like an old man here but… back in the day we would would have do an actual ramp test. :grimacing:

If you feel you really need to have an new FTP before the 28 days either self select or do an FTP test.

Otherwise just let your PLs handle it and don’t fret.


This is an important edge case, especially when you have to take time off when your PLs are low. E.g. you leave a plan at Sweet spot 1.6, take a 3 week break and come back, SS 1.0 might still be too difficult.

Even if you’re PL’s are higher, it would be nice some sort of “ease me in” option after time off. There’s something that’s hugely demotivating to come back after time off and have TR give you an “achievable” or “productive” workout only to either fail it outright or barely be able to complete it.


Yeah. I don’t want to overstate it - if you have the experience to self-select a reduced FTP or go the @DingleTower route of doing an actual FTP test (gasp!), then that’s fine and you can work through it. And in some cases, powering forward with reduced PLs will be just fine.

But we’re talking about improving AI FTP detection here, so I think this case should at least be considered.

(Says the guy who just came back from a two week holiday)

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Not off the couch, but new to cycling, so yes, every new detection is quite a bit different and the 28 days lockout has slowed down my training quite a bit because it took the algorithm several months to get to a level that feels kind of right.

And… no, I don’t intend to do an FTP ramp test because it feels too “ancient” to bother with it, and as far as I can understand from the forum, it has its own issues.

PL helped somewhat, but at the end of the day, if 75% FTP feels like a recovery ride, I should be able to ask the algorithm to look into it without waiting 4 weeks.

I think AI FTP is a great feature, but the 28 days lockout is a big downside. Once the algorithm gets it kind of right it will be less of a problem, and that is why users that already have a good idea of what their FTP is don’t see this as a problem.