FTP based on MA1?

Hi all - quick question on ftp setting. As beginner I still get noob gains and I keep amending ftp during base plan. Is it reasonable to assume ftp set for Mary Austin -1 is at least ftp if I can finish that workout? This would prevent me from throwing another ramp test in my schedule. Thanks!

Glad to hear you are getting the quick structural training gains.

If you can complete MA-1 I reckon your ftp is at least that number. That’s a tough workout.

How close were you to quitting on that workout? I did it yesterday, for the last 5- minutes I was completely in the zone to complete it. If it’s not that hard I reckon you could increase by 5watts.

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Close on quiting is a difficult question - pain feels different after progression made. I went with same ftp and did tallac +3 today - more brutal then I expected. Are we on the same schedule - ss mv base 2? Did you also perceive tallac as tough?

Yeah, same plan.
Tallac was tough today I’ve done it quiet a few times and I don’t remember it being so hard.

Sounds like you’ve found about the correct level. Next week is a big week, The VO2 takes some concentration.
That’s my least favourite of the week.