Choosing default trainer mode [Feature Request]

First world problem I know, but is there a way (or could there be in the future? ) to set your preferred trainer mode? I hate ERG with a passion and always use Slope, it’s a little bit frustrating having to change every time I do a workout, mainly because I often forget! Or, if not, would it be possible to be able to change the trainer mode from the workout screen rather than having to go into the devices menu? I’ve used other apps (that shall remain nameless) that do this and it makes it super easy even for a forgetful idiot like myself!


Hey! There’s no way to set a pre-determined ‘default’ setting as of now, so I’ll consider this a feature request.

Dont forget you don’t have to go to the devices menu to change trainer mode! If on desktop you can toggle with the ‘T’ key, or in the new mobile apps, its a ‘quick action’ under devices at the bottom of the screen. I get that it would be easier to just have that fixed and not have to change every ride, though. :+1:


any chance ivy that the T option could be added for iPads with keyboards? Thanks!

Thanks, I tend to use the Android app, but I’ll give the desktop app a go.

That may be more tricky than it seems at first glance, but I’ll pass along to the team for sure!

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Nope :sweat:
Sorry we dont have a workaround for this. Is the ride ‘setting’ you’re after something that could be addressed in resistance mode maybe? Apologies, Im unclear if this is a limitation with the trainer itself or on our end, but I’ll do some digging.