Free ride + Erg mode on Android

Is there a way to do a “free ride” type ride where you can just choose the wattage as you go?
It seems like it’s something that would be there but I’m not seeing it.

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As long as you turn off erg mode any workout can be a “free ride”. Just choose something like Pettit or Baxter as a starting point and then ride at whatever power you want… Or create your own workout in the Workout Creator.

My issue is that when I turn off erg mode, even with the resistance set to “None”, I find the resistance is too high and I have to be in an easier gear than I would like. (I don’t like the feel of low-inertia riding on a trainer).
I’m using a Saris Hammer H3 (It’s my first start trainer and just started using it 2 days ago so it’s possible I’m misunderstanding some things)

You could start with Lazy Mountain -1, adjust the Workout Intensity to hit your target wattage, and use the Extend feature to make the 1 hour ride as long as you need.

That’s the easiest way I can think of without making a custom workout.

Since you are new to a smart trainer, make sure to watch this. ERG mode is often misunderstood in the beginning, and this video helps a bunch.

Well if you have erg mode on then you’re not really in a “free ride”. You might have to think more about what you’re really wanting to do…