Free App to set Resistance on Saris H3?

Hi All,

I am transitioning to using my Garmin edge as a workout player and was wondering if anyone knew of a free app to set resistance mode on the H3.

There are a couple of hiccups in my current setup: I’m pairing the trainer to my head unit because otherwise I dontbgwt virtual distance and I use distance on Strava to track chain wax wear. But this means that at the start of every interval the head unit defaults back to erg mode. My coach doesn’t like me to use erg mode. Pretty manageable in zone two rides, pretty annoying in vo2max intervals.

If I also pair the trainer to TrainerRoad, TrainerRoad seems to override this switch to erg mode.

But since I have less and less use for TrainerRoad (I have a coach, they use Today‘s Plan, TrainerRoad doesn’t sync at all with Today’s Plan in either direction), I’d like to find a free/pay once app that just holds the trainer connection and keeps the resistance steady.

Any ideas?

Just use the Saris app?

Saris app doesn’t actually allow you to adjust resistance mode. It only allows you to set a wattage (i.e. erg).

Oops. I guess I misunderstood what you were asking.