Forum Return button at the bottom of thread pages

This may already exist, but can a “return” button be added to the bottom of threads? I’d prefer to not hit the “back” button on my browser after reading a thread.

I usually scroll up a tiny little bit and then click on the TrainerRoad logo that shows up (at least on mobile) but it only shows after scrolling up a bit.

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Yeah, I’ve done that as well. 1st world problem to the extreme, but it’s a bit irksome. I mean, even the clunky slowtwitch forum has that button (but little else!)

As a newbie, that was one of the things I noticed…but I also discovered if you click on the thread title at the top of the page, it takes you to the top of the thread where you can then click on the forum return button. So two clicks rather than one, but it beats scrolling up…

I assume that is somewhat common knowledge, but it was a helpful discovery for me.

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Isn’t clicking on ‘view latest topics’ exactly doing what you want?


…yes! I figured there was an answer I didn’t know about!

Also, if you just click the TR logo…

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