Fort Worth training studios?

Traveling to Texas this week and hoping to squeeze in a workout or two. Wondering if there are any good cycling studios around Fort Worth? A few years ago I rented a Tarmac from Mellow Johnny’s and rode the Trinity Trail system. Would rather do that versus spin, right now weather looks good for Friday afternoon.

If you’ve got the time and like gravel, the Texas Chainring Massacre is this Saturday starting in downtown Valley View, just a little north of DFW.

Otherwise I only know of the shop rides on my side of town (Dallas), starting from Richardson Bike Mart for example.


Where are you staying in Fort Worth ? My recommendation would be Cyclebar. Pretty good classes, leaderboard will rank you in the class and keep your stars plus provide shoes if you don’t have yours. I still go from time to time.

There’s one off Bryant Irvin Rd pretty close to Mellow Johnny’s and one in Southlake.

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That’s about 3 miles from where I’m staying. Do those Schwinn spin bikes have power meters?

@scottmarlowe what type of bike would you recommend for the Texas Chainring Massacre? Tire size? I’m a bigger rider at 95kg. Suppose to fly on Saturday, going to check forecast and see about flying back on Sunday.

You’ll want a gravel bike for sure or a cross bike with a little bit bigger tires. I do the latter. I’ve got a pair of Riddler 37c’s on my Crux and they work fine.

TCM is mixed surface, but it’s got enough gravel that you’ll want something wider than road tires.

Weather is looking cold to start but warming to around 50. Plenty of sun. That’s about the weather we had last year and it was perfect.


Yes sir they have power meters. They calibrate them pretty regularly but I will say that some bikes vary in their accuracy.

Saturday I will also be riding at the Texas Chainring Massacre. Looks like it’s going to a really big turnout. Some really fast riders are signed up. Should be a fun event.

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Thanks! If I make it will be off the back I’m sure. I ride maybe 5 miles of gravel a year, on a road bike with 25mm tires LOL.