Forehead scabs and wearing a helmet

I recently had a bad accident, not on the bike. I have a pretty good scrape on my forehead that is right where my helmet sits. Now I’m not riding outside for a week maybe more depending how the wound looks.
Im mostly worried about infection under the scab if I wear a bike helmet. I have a bike race in 3 weeks and not riding outside isn’t going to help.
I want to see if anyone has or had experience with scrapes on their forehead and if they road with a helmet. It’s embarrassing even asking about this and hopefully someone has advice.
Before anyone asks; no i didn’t goto the doctor, it’s clean and healing well. It wasn’t bleeding profusely and I have experience with cuts and scrapes.
I want to know if I can ride with a helmet and what I can do to prevent infection while wearing a helmet?

Sorry to hear this. Heal up well.

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I’d put a Tegaderm over it if I was worried about the helmet damaging the scabs. Not really what Tegaderm is for but it ought to work.

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I don’t have explicit experience with this. But, based on what you’re saying, I’d wear a bandage for the duration of your rides and let it breath normally anytime you’re not riding/wearing a helmet.


Thanks man!

I was thinking the same, when I wear a helmet ; covering it with a bandage and head band, then cleaning after. It’s probably not that big of a worry but the thought is in my head.
I feel and sound like a wuss even asking and appreciate any answers!
I’ve had an infection once from a little scratch on my elbow from mountain biking and it wasn’t fun.
Any advice is good advice :grinning:

Total amateur here, but… Tegaderm if it’s oozing for sure. Tegaderm is just a screen door, so put a traditional cloth bandage over the tegaderm to pick up the light liquids. Change that frequently, leaving the tegaderm on for a few days. Duoderm works too - sticks better, but thicker. Any hydrocolliid bandage will work as well.

For the little bits - collagen gel is great too in my expereince. I think this was the stuff I used… it crystalized a bit like dried out honey and worked better than the neosporen-like gels Cellerate Rx Activated Collagen Gel 28 gm | LA Medical Wholesale

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What has worked is using a hydrocolloid dressing and a head band to help soak some sweat. Figured I’d post a solution that has been working for my gnarly gash/ scrape right where the helmet sits. :man_facepalming:

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