Foot drop, ILT, and general pedaling improvement

This may be a shot in the dark, but with the wide range of TR users there may be some suggestions out there.

Had some complications following back surgery 10+ years ago that left me with foot drop (left foot) and the need to wear a lower-leg brace to aid in walking as well as some ankle support during riding to ensure the ankle doesn’t roll while pedaling. My left calf is noticeably smaller than my right due to some muscle loss.

Obviously, this has an impact on the ability to have a smooth pedaling stroke. I can do ILT drills with my right foot (a work in progress), but left foot is good for only few revs before it starts falling apart. I find that I spend most of the ILT time with both feet clipped in and focusing on a smooth overall stroke.

If there is anyone else with a similar condition, have you been able to improve the pedaling smoothness of the affected foot? Any other general suggestions on how to improve overall pedaling when one leg is not the same as the other?