Toes during strokes : right foot stays flat, left one likes to get "pointy"

Again, since I’ve bought a pair of shoes with a more centrated cleat position and a chunkier carbon sole, I’m noticing how my pedal stroke has evolved, don’t know yet if for good or bad, because these are the last short rides of my season due to an incoming summer job.
My right foot is marvellously flat with the tarmac, the left one like to point downward and there’s very little conditioning my mind can do to it. Again, issues ? None so far, but it somehow feels like my left foot is making a job it could be completely avoided.
Thank God bike fitting is in 2 weeks, but would a simple cleat adjustment fix this issue-non issue ?

  • Don’t break what don’t need fix’n.

There are numerous reasons people have asymmetries in their bodies that manifest on the bike. But that does not mean it’s a “problem”. IF you are experiencing pain, discomfort or the like, it may be part of the issue. But these types of differences can and do exist in harmony for LOTS of riders (including myself) with no identifiable problem.

By all means, discuss it with your fitter, but I’d simply monitor it between then and now. That assumes you don’t experience a legit issue, which then might be worthy of review and changes.


Your fitter is the best option. Ask them to evaluate your body off the bike. This will tell you a lot.