Following a 20 minute hill climb should I adjust my FTP?

When I first signed up for TR back in June, I was a boat without a rudder. In my introductory post I didn’t have any goals other than to get stronger and improve my overall physical conditioning. I Iater decided to enter the road bike events in the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, Utah. I don’t have a racing background, so I entered the beginner class.

Today was my first event; a hill climb in Snow Canyon State Park. I finished second by 12 seconds to the gentlemen that started 30 seconds ahead of me. I am happy with my time, but, of course, first place would have been a nice bonus. Tomorrow is the time trial and then the road race on Friday.

My pre-race FPT, following a second ramp test, was (a whopping) 136. My race time was 20:55 with a Normalized Power of 205 and an Average Power of 197. Should I adjust my FTP or should I wait until my next ramp test? If I make the adjustment now, do I use Normalized or Average power?

I have gotten stronger. I am in better shape. And I’ve lost 15 pounds. But I know my work here is not done.


Why not do a Ramp Test or your preferred testing method or you could put you FTP up and try the workouts in your schedule if you guessed correct then good on you…

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For the standard 20 minute test you multiply your average 20 minute power by .95 to find your FTP. In your case this would be 197 or an FTP of 187.

However since you tested originally using the ramp test I would lean towards keeping your testing method the same, you can probably find a day to fit it in now if you want since its not something particularly stressful.


In short, no. Coach Chad mentioned that if you set your FTP based on your best performance you need to perform at that level which is hard given the average working person’s life scenario. For this training block you wouldn’t have any issue but you need to retest at the start of the next training block.

Edit : for reference, my best 20 minute power from a race was 320w(4.5w) and now I am currently at 276w(3.9w/kg)


Your estimated ftp is not 95% of your 20 minute power. It is after a full 5 minute anaerobic clearing effort followed by a short recovery.

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Thank you all for your guidance!

I will be starting my next training block after I complete these races; then I will, once again, complete a ramp test.

Do you know where they talk about why the 5 min anaerobic period is part of test?

It is part of the Andrew Coggan original protocol. I think the TR 20 minute test has a hard 5 minute effort followed by 10 minute recovery and then into the test.

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From Hunter Allen blog on the original protocol: