Folliculitis of the pubic area

Love the podcast. Love the crew. I listen every week for the last 2 years. I finally picked up a smart trainer and excited to start training with Trainer Road. I have been riding with structure for the last 2 years and have had some ongoing issues with folliculitis in the pubic area, just above genitalia. Not in the perineum and not related to saddle sores (I resolved that issue with a proper saddle, good chamois, and noxema cream applied pre-ride to chamois). The issue starts with red bumps that I attribute to friction and heat, much like jock itch or some sort of fungal issue. I shower immediately and wash with a salicylic acid wash. I have tried anti-fungal treatment. It then progresses to inflammation and infection of the hair follicle at the base of the hair. It got so bad that I had to take a course of antibiotics. I have tried trimming, shaving, and neither. Nothing seems to work. I have several different brands of bibs and there is no difference. Have any of you had this issue. Any suggestions? I have talked to a dermatologist that wasnt all that helpful. Would love recommendations.

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I’ve had good luck preventing saddle sores with iodine wipes before rides. They might help in your situation, especially if you can trim the hair down so it doesn’t soak up all the iodine… the wipes are convenient, I’ll bring them on long rides and give the whole downstairs a wipe after using the toilet. I haven’t noticed the iodine staining my bibs and it washes off my hands with plain water. I imagine you could also just buy a bottle of iodine and use a rag.

A few months back I noticed a lot of red bumps on my cheeks so I tried using Dettol in the wash and it seemed to have disinfected my laundry. The stuff reeks like hospital cleaner though, I used two cap-fulls and it might have been too much but the bumps never came back. I couldn’t find lysol laundry disinfectant for a reasonable price so I tried this stuff. If you can hang your laundry outside after using it I recommend doing that. Might even be worth washing it again with plain water, I can’t emphasize how much it smells like hospital cleaner.

Is is possible that the Salicylic Acid is just drying it out and furthering the issue?

Maybe it’s a dry skin issue that could use some moisturizer and aquaphor?

Idk it might be worth talking to another dermatologist.

I use this … it not intended for the use in which I deploy it below the belt. And, um, it can have a bit of a “bite” if you have some chafing … so be aware. If I put it on after a ride (after showering) I never have a problem. Has solved this issue for me 100%.

The only other thing I might recommend is Neosporin ointment on the affected area if it is always in the same spot. Serves as an anti-chafe solution, as well as anti-bacterial.

First, as a humorous note, I discovered what folliculitis was in college, when I visited the University doc sure that I had picked up an STD. When he gravely told me I was suffering with folliculitis, I thought my life was over. Then he explained it to me. LOL.

These days, at the very first hint of a saddle sore or hair-related issue below the belt, I start a daily regimen of cleaning scrupulously with Tuck’s pads (Witch Hazel). In addition to being pretty soothing, it’ll leave everything squeaky clean and sanitary and less likely to develop any further problems. The problems typically sort themselves out in 3-4 days. If it takes longer than that, I take a couple of days off the bike.

Naturally, a good chamois cream lightly applied before the ride and a good shower after also help.