Focusing on 1 key metric during hard intervals

In ERG mode, the only metric I am focused on during really hard intervals is my cadence (and intermittently, the time remaining in the current interval). Only between intervals I take note of the other metrics.

Maybe it is just me, but when looking up to confirm I am keeping my cadence, I, for some unknown reason find myself squinting to blur out the other metrics (strange I know, but I find them distracting).

Is it possible to make an individual field more prominent than the others?



There is no method for altering the display in the app. The general option to make this user customize-able has been requested in the past. There don’t seem to be signs of this being implemented any time soon (if ever).

Hey R!

Sadly, it is not possible to customize the workout screen at this time :pensive:

Some users who have similar feelings about data distrations like to use sticky notes on their screen over the metrics that they don’t need to see mid-workout, but that they still wish to record. While not an elegant solution, it is unfortunately the best solution we have for now.



I really like how the Wahoo Element Bolt let’s you choose your fields and priority levels when zooming in / out for focus.