New bike thru axle question

Hi TR fam,

Total noobie question I have always ridden a 10 year old entry level bike and recently snagged a 2019 cervelo s3 disc. I’m trying to set it up on the trainer to get my fit dialed and maybe a few rides on it but I’m somewhat lost with the thru axle. I have a Kurt kinetic road machine and I believe the bike has what they call the RAT system quick release through axle that you just quarter turn.

Any tips or direction would help! Thanks also think it’s a 142

I have a Focus Paralane with the same RAT axle system and whilst looking for a way to use it on my trainer came across this:-

It turns out Focus won’t warranty any bikes used on a trainer so in the end I didn’t purchase one and just used my old cx bike.

Thanks I ended up finding this thread on ST if anyone in the future runs into this. Seems to be the only solution which is exactly what you linked just a different one for cervelo with a new derailleur hanger. Not sure I want to spend 80$+ just to put it on the trainer a few times haha

How would they know?

They probably wouldn’t but I didn’t feel it was worth the risk seeing as I had an alternative. YMMV.