Wahoo Kickr and Focus bikes rapid axel technology

Are there any attachments that allow my Focus Parolane with its relative unique RAT thru axel to be attach to a generation 1 Wahoo Kickr? I have contacted Wahoo who say no.

Andrew, I had done a bit of looking for the same thing when I was debating a Cervelo with a RAT axle; Ended up finding this this: https://robertaxleproject.com/focus-rat-12mm-thru-axle/. I went another route on the bike so ended up not needing it. However, I have used other Robert’s Axle Project adapters in the past with good luck.

I’ve used Robert axle as well. Great products!

Can I ask what bike you went for? I’m currently looking at an R5 disc and am concerned about trainer compatibility

I ended up with an Orbea Orca Aero. That being said, I train on a Wahoo Kickr Snap which requires a thru axle adapter no matter which bike you end up on. I already had the Wahoo thru axle adapters from my previous ride so I didn’t need anything additional. At the end of the day I didn’t want to have to buy yet another adapter so I strayed away from the Cervelo.