Flat tire on the trainer

For the second day in a row, I got flat tire while spinning on my trainer (tacx flow smart). The first day I exchanged the old tube, but now I beginning to think there is a problem related to the trainer or something… And if I change for a new tube it will be the same problem tomorrow. Any tips?

I dont see how a trainer related problem could make my tire flat. But Im fearly new to cycling. Need help, weather in Norway is not for cycling outside this time of the year!

Check the tire. If you have used this same tire outside then more than likely there will be some kind of foreign object like a thorn,flint or small shard of glass in the tire and it’s poking through, puncturing the inner tube.

Take the tire off and check inside and out, bending the tire between your thumb and forefinger to open up any small cut that might be hiding the culprit and if its stuck in there just prise it out with a pin :slight_smile:


Also, make you are putting the new tube in correctly. It’s very easy to puncture the new tube when putting it on if you aren’t careful. Watch a few YouTube videos to check that you are.

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I would also check the rim tape while you have the tire off - I had a similar situation I had damaged the rim tape while changing tire’s that lead to several flats on the trainer.


Trainers where the wheel makes contact with a drum (of any type) generate a lot of heat in the tire, especially on 60min+ sessions.

The problem is compounded if your tired have any wear on them.

I’d look at getting some trainer specific tires. I’m pretty loyal to Conti tires and I’ve never had issue with their “Hometrainer” tire (I put a few hundred hours on the trainer or rollers in the winter)… Vitoria makes a similar tire. These trainer tires are built to both withstand and dissipate heat from trainer drums.

They ar won’t meant to be ridden outside so you either need a second rear wheel or to set the bike up dedicated to a trainer specifically.

If you want flexibility to have a strong tire for the trainer and the ability to ride outside I’d consider something like a Conti Gatorskin or Hardshell (my preference for rollers). Vittoria makes simile training tires that will be stronger as wel.

i used to have this same problem, but not for a couple of years now. Not through doing anything different except no longer spinning the wheel as fast. For instance, If you’re doing 300 W then use a lower gear and more resistance. There’s nothing to be gained by racing along with your tyres going the equivalent of 40mph as they just get hot and wear out faster, as does your trainer.

Thanks, lost of good tips! But I still got a new flat tire yesterday. It looks like the hole always is located nearby the air valve…

I use race tires, Conti GP4000SII (not built to dissipate trainer heat) with their RaceLite Tubes (very thin and fragile) and I have gone months of use (riding most days) without flatting. If I was using trainer tires and more robust tubes I would expect it to last even longer, but not forever. My point here is that if your new tube is only lasting a workout or two, there is something that is causing the puncture beyond just heat. Really check the tire to make sure that there is nothing in there (glass, thorns, etc) that is causing repeated punctures. Then check the rims thoroughly; is the rim tape covering all the spoke holes properly, burrs that could be rubbing on the tire, etc. If you’re sure that there is nothing on the tire and nothing on the rim, then I’d look at how you’re installing the tubes themselves. I have tight fitting rims and if my wheel even smells a tire lever while putting on a tube it just punctures immediately to spite me. My thumbs hurt for the whole day after I put a tire on as a laboriously get it on little by little.

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Maybe check your air pressure to make sure you’re not over-inflating and back off just a smidge where the tire makes contact? I’ve had it happen a few times and, generally (for me at least), I can track it back to one of those two things.

Change your tire. I’ve had this happen. Problem goes away when you change it.

I had this problem regularly with my old vortex smart. In the end I decided a direct drive trainer was the correct answer.

I have been having the same problem and it’s making me crazy. This comment thread is very helpful. Yesterday I had a good ride and I woke up this morning and the tire was flat. Today I changed the tube very carefully, had a good ride and was feeling hopeful. Working at home, an hour later I heard the tire pop. I was told more air in the tire the better, within reason, of course, but not sure what to think now. I’ve had my Saris trainer two weeks, ridden it 3 times, and have gone through four tubes. I don’t think there is anything inside the tire that could be causing the puncture but will look again. The rim tape might be the culprit but I’m think of switching to the gatorskin tires. I’ve used them before and they are tough.

If the wheel will only be used on the trainer then I would definitely recommend using a trainer specific tire. They are much better than even a gatorskin for the kind of high heat that the trainer produces. Some trainers are better than others but on my Tacx dumb trainer I blew out the sidewall on two non-trainer tires I had laying around before just buying the trainer tire and haven’t had any problems since.
If the wheel is one that you also use outside then I would strongly suggest you find a dirt cheap wheel to only use on the trainer with a trainer specific tire. It might only cost you $40 and a cheap cassette but not having to change a tube every week makes it way worth it.

Always check the tire first for any sharp things, but found in the past that on the trainer check the rim tape - make sure the spoke holes are really covered - the tube will find its way to somewhere it shouldn’t and flat.


Hey I just had the same issue with my wife’s trainer tire.

The problem was that the tire has cracked around the perimeter from heat/cool cycles and the tube was pushing into those cracks and puncturing. I had to replace the tire and that fixed the problem. I didn’t realize it the first time I replaced the tube because I didn’t look close enough or pinch the tire in my fingers to see if it was cracked.

Look around the sidewalls and see if you have cracking like the photo below:

You can use a light coat of baby powder in inside the tire or any talcum powder It cuts done the friction inside the tire between the tube and tire. It cuts done the friction which of course cuts down the heat. Before you put the tube in sprinkle some in and slowly rotate the tire so the powder slides and coats the inside the tire then put tube in and inflate to desired pressure. Most flats i have had were caused by the rim tape at the spoke holes.

Great advice. Thanks. I don’t think that’s the issue since my tires are pretty new but good to know.

good advice. much appreciated. I was thinking of doing that.

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Stop by your LBS and see if the shop has any cheap wheels with bad brake tracks, bigish dents, or anything else that makes them non road worthy but would work fine on a trainer. Most would be happy to sell stuff like that to someone for a low price. With the current quarantine situation maybe call them and see if that’s something they have.

thanks so much for taking the time to answer w good advice. much appreciated.

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