Flat front tire on trainer

Long story, but I had to abort my outside ride because I can’t get air into my front tire. I still want to get in a workout, but I don’t know if I would hurt my carbon rims by using the trainer with no air in the front tire. What do you think? (Wheel off kickr)

Totally fine. If in doubt, put a towel under it.

One or a few times won’t ruin the tyre if you rotate it, certainly not the rim if the wheel is on top of something that won’t scuff it.

On a smooth road, the fear of blowing out a tyre is the lack of grip, not that the wheel will implode.

Just don’t put a cobble under it from Trouée d’Arenberg/ the forest of Arenberg.


If you have a soft mat of some sort under your front wheel you’re good imo.

Edit: added photo of my setup.

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Thank you, will put some padding

Personally, I wouldn’t risk my carbon rim doing this. A wheel has more structural rigidity with an inflated tire.

Just fix your flat. You are going to have to do it anyway sooner or later.

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Don’t have any rim tape and bike shops closed …
So can’t fix today