I keep getting a flat tyre on my home trainer

Hi There,

I bought an Elite home trainer a few weeks ago, I got a flat after doing about an hour ride.
I then bought a Vittoria Zaffiro pro Tyre, I did add a new tube, but still got a flat after 60minutes of riding.
Should I go Tubeless? or anyone got any idea why this could keep happening? It’s very annoying as I haven’t be able to get past an hour ride yet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I wouldn’t advise tubeless, since most home trainers are better with higher pressures, and also a bit of a waste using a more expensive tyre. Possible reasons for the flat could be a damaged rimtape on your wheel.


Check the rim tape, that was my problem. Also, Make sure the tire bead is properly set. Those skinny tires can pinch a tube (when pumping).

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Pinch flats are possible too. When you inflate you’re tire, lay it flat on the ground and slowly inflate it. Once you have inflated to about 50psi and then pull the tire away from the rim on both sides. Then reinflate to desired pressure.

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When you changed the tube, did you inspect it to see where the leak was? When you find the hole on the tube, you can then look in the tire in that same location to see if there are any foreign objects or rim tape issues. I just had the same problem and it turned out to be the steel wires in the trainer tire had worn through the inner casing and were slicing the tube.

100% the rim tape is not covering a spoke hole - replace the rim tape asap

  • Rim tape needs replacing
  • Patched tube (tube overheats and patch loosens)
  • Underinflated tyre
  • Tube poking out between tyre and rim (check the tube is inside the tyre before inflating)
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I had this problem about a year ago, incredibly frustrating. I ended up very carefully searching my rim for any burs and found a very slight rough spot that I sanded down. I was also using the vittoria zafiro home trainer tire. It slowed the problem down, but after another flat about a month later, I bought the continental trainer tire and haven’t had a single flat in 8+ months on that

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IMO tubeless is great on road but it’s not the specific answer to your problem. It sounds like you’ve got damage to your rim tape, perhaps a loose spoke or something in your tyre. When you remove the tube the hole or holes (if it’s a snakebite) in it will guide you to the problem. Fix that and you shouldn’t get another p’ture for a very long time.

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Also get a trainer tire.

Thornproof tubes are good for wheel-on trainers and rollers.

Everything above is certainly possible. Another potential cause: if the tire is the same one you’ve been using outside, teeny tiny bits of debris can get embedded in the rubber–things that wouldn’t cause a flat in normal outdoor riding–and then the extra force of the roller pushing on the tire drives them far enough in to puncture the tube. If the punctures are on the outside, away from the rim, that’s the most likely culprit.

I used to have an issue with trainers eating up my tires, havn;t had an issue since I switched to a trainer tire https://www.kurtkinetic.com/accessories-products/700-x-25c-trainer-tire