Fitting insert for Scott Foil Garmin mount!?

I have a 2019 Scott Foil with the Syncros aero stem for which I ordered the Syncros Garmin mount, AFAIK it is made by K-Edge.

When I received it, I was surprised to see that it has kind of a double insert to mount smaller/larger Garmin devices in different positions.

I have an Edge 1030 that I have to mount in the top position, where it doesn’t fit super tightly - when riding over bumps it sometimes moves which isn’t confidence inspiring.

Can anyone tell me which insert I should order to replace the weird double thingy?

Possibly something like this?

I’ve always thought those designs were a bit silly. Doesnt even look like your computer would be very secure!

I would assume that a normal k-edge insert would work but it might be worth contacting k-edge just in case!

Looks like a normal insert fitted here: