Fiske - Inside 4.5 PL, outside 5.0 PL

So I had Fiske scheduled a couple of weeks ago, and the weather was crazy warm for greater Boston in February, at 60°F. Naturally I decided to do it outside. I noticed that when I switched to the outside version, the progression level bumps from 4.5 to 5.0, with no apparent reason. The interval durations and power levels were the same. That pushed it from productive to stretch, but I figured I’d give it a go anyway and see how it turned out. Well I crushed it. Buuuut - it was outside, and I always do better outside.

So fast forward a week or so and the weather is cold and snowy again, and all my workouts are back inside. Now I can’t quite manage the new PL because it’s inside and therefore more difficult for me (why is the topic of many other threads). So all of this is leading to questions and a feature requests.

Why did the PL get higher for the outside workout, with no difference in the interval structure or power targets?
Can TR add a feature that lets me tell AT not to bump the progression level when I complete a workout, or maybe let me manually downgrade the PL if I know it’s not realistic?

I know I can refuse adaptations that AT suggests, but it nags me every time I do a workout even if I have already declined the adaptations. That seems to mean that I won’t get new adaptations (that are appropriate) without first accepting older ones that I don’t want.

Thinking about it a bit more, this would probably not be a issue if the PLs had been the same for inside and outside, so fix that (or explain it) and my issue probably goes away.


It did Fiske a few months ago and it used to be 5.0 inside too but now it shows as 4.5 when I look up the workout, strange… level 5 seems about right too