Transition Process from Outdoor to indoor Training

I have struggles to transition from outside training to indoor training because a lack of transition process in TR in relation to handle the obvious differences between indoor and outdoor training.

This is really related to AT, AI Ftp and progression levels. Also I’m big in overthinking and analytics just fyi :slight_smile:


  • outdoor i can ride on 15-25 higher ftp (~319 so 5-8% difference) same power meter just the way outside is different
  • outdoor i ride mountain bike with higher normalized power then average watts simply as the trails here are with lots of elevation
  • going indoor here in Canada means the start of base… so less punch more sustained stuff that effects the way of progression levels

I feel the given FTP set based on AI is setting me to a higher FTP for indoor based on outdoor data

I feel the 2hour indoor riding with no stop of the legs for an endurance is way different than going up and down on local trails with coasting etc.

I feel the base phase favors more “easier” types workouts with longer rests and stuff rather the high progression level rides with higher relative powers ler interval with shorter rests

If I follow AT/FTP detection and progression it takes 3-4 weeks to “adjust” the ftp with progression levels as i add feedback and such.

However it’s obvious that it should run like a bit lower ftp and lower progression levels indoor. But there is no way to adjust the platform or reset.

I would either keep the ftp and lower or reset progression to 1.0 (indoor usually reset the season also and it’s base again) so it’ll pick up or I would lower the ftp and keep the progressions (if i would continue the training plan)

The current continuity among indoor and outdoor makes these transitions hard and somewhat hacking is needed.

So I’m puzzled…

If you want to lower your PLs you’ll need to manually raise your FTP before lowering it to the level you think it should be at. Myself I think Id just lower the FTP (its set in your account) and let AT adjust the PLs.

Ultimately you are the coach. Consider throwing in some Zwift or RGT rides on the weekend, on those rides think more about your improving your mental state and less about PLs or structure. Sim mode of course. I’d also suggest turning off erg on a smart trainer and make it more engaging by doing intervals more like outside (either resistance/slope/standard mode, or sim mode).

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Hmmm… TR drops the progression levels if no workout happened in the energy system over two weeks…

Thanks. It’s a good advice to manage the transition soft or mental side and have a bit of time to ease into the different experience.

Usually we have some shoulder season up north but it went from t-shirt time to snow and cold over a week.

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