First structured Training Plan/Finishing up Low Volume Base I


I am consistently tackling structured training for the first time (thanks quarantine). I am about to finish Low Volume Base I. My body is adjusting to the work and I think i want to increase the volume. Should I redo Base I at mid volume or, just due the mid volume base II next?


I would do SSB2 LV as part two is way harder than SSB1. You can sprinkle some Z2 rides if you want some additional volume. Jumping straight to MV could be fatal, as it is quite big difference.


Completely agree with this. If consistency has been an issue for you in the past and you have now found it in low volume, jumping to MV is probably not the best decision. Because of the amount of work that goes into Sustained Power Build, things start to ramp up during SSBII and the intensity begins to increase as well.

I would use the extra time you have to do other things that will make you a better cyclist (i.e. strength training/foam rolling/yoga/etc.) rather than trying to throw in too much volume AND intensity. @jarsson’s suggestion is great, and the gold standard for slowly preparing your body to handle increased training volume, so if you want more bike volume definitely follow that suggestion. As your comfort level increases with this you can lengthen the Z2 rides and sprinkle in Z3 work progressively. One volume adder I love is Pettit +1. Baxter is also pretty popular.

If you want more info on increasing volume you should check out recent episodes of the AACC pod as they have discussed it extensively of late due to the pandemic.

Cheers and good luck!