AI FTP detection - recently started using Traineroad

So I’m new to TRR, been using it for about 3 weeks now. At the start about 5 years worth of files were imported from my Garmin account, I entered my basic data and the FTP was set at 234W. Since I am rarely in the mood to do a ramp test I skipped it and opted for the AI detection. Regardless of bunch of data available I was told to complete 10 workouts before any AI detection can be done … so I did it and my new FTP was set at 244W.
This would all be nice and all had I not (during this 3 week period) logged 2 workouts that read like this:

  • Carn, 1h30’ total, including 1h15’ at 254W avg, 268W NP
  • Glassy -3, 2h30’ total, including 1h45’ at 233W avg, 240W NP
    So, just looking at these 2 examples it is clear that something is off here. Since I used the option to manually increase the workout intensity (by about 20% in both cases) maybe this could be it. Or it’s something else completely, the point being I am not impressed with AI FTP detection at this point.
    I have been using WKO4+ for about 10 years now and it has a similar feature and that number (mFTP) is much closer to what (judged by experience and feel) my FTP is at this time.
    Any ideas what might have gone wrong? I am hardly ready to wait for another 50 workouts for the system to detect some FTP that results in productive training for me without having to use the manual intensity adjustments.

If you feel that the FTP in wko is correct…use that and overide the TR number. Then next time AI is available see what it gives. If you’ve been using wko for years… You’ll know your own FTP better than a system you have only just started using. You need to feed it consistent data.

WKO needs lots of data points to calculate mFTP.

Personally, starting off with TR…I’d do a ramp test first… This will get you closer (ish) to your FTP and give the system a better base to work from. Next time use estimated FTP.


@IvyAudrain @SarahLaverty Is that normal AI FTP behavior (easing into FTP) or is sth off here (75min@254watt => AI FTP just set 244 watt)?

Hey there @miki1973! Glad to have you on board :smiley:

Carn at 1.5 hours with 254W AP and Glassy -3 at 1.5 hours with 233W AP definitely suggests your FTP is higher than 244 currently. Looking on the backend, we’re already detecting you at 256 at the moment.

After looking into your account further, I can see what’s causing potential issues. You started training with the FTP estimated during onboarding. The purpose of this FTP estimator as a new TR athlete is to get you anchored for your first Ramp Test to ensure it stays within the bounds of the expected duration for the test.

Since you skipped the test and started training with the onboarding FTP, AI FTP Detection was using your power data, indoors and outdoors, to detect where you’re at currently. We’d recommend a Ramp Test to get a more up-to-date FTP into the system or use the FTP that you have from WKO.

I suspect your next detection will be right on the money once you start knocking out workouts with an FTP more representative of your current fitness level. In the meantime, Adaptive Training will analyze your current fitness levels to help lock you into the right workouts in your training plan.

Let me know if you have any additional questions about using AI FTP Detection – I’d be happy to answer!