Finishing HV Build. Skipping Speciality. What's now?

Hello people!

I finished the current phases in HV: Base I > Base II > Sustained Power Build.

I don’t have any event, so I think that skipping speciality phase would be a good choice. My plan would be to restart some Base weeks and go into build again.

I’d like to add some Z2 outdoor rides, around 75-100km once or twice each week. What would you recommend me to do?

  • Picking LV Base II and add extra outdoor rides
  • Picking MV Base II and add extra outdoor rides and/or replace endurance indoor session
  • Picking HV Base II and replace endurance indoor session + swapping a Sweet Spot into a vo2max session
  • Polarized plan + outdoor rides
  • Others…

Thanks a lot for your support!

Have you ever completed a full base 1-2, build, speciality cycle? If you haven’t maybe do speciality anyway to get the feel. I don’t race either but am in week 6 of speciality now. I feel less tired and more fresh than during build 2 and build.