Finishing Crit Specialty soon. What next?

Hey gang, I’m 3 weeks away from finishing the Crit Specialty plan. What do I do next?

It hasn’t gone 100% to plan as I had to take an extra easy week due to a bone marrow biopsy and re-arranged a few workouts to allow me to be fresh for some races, should I tack 3 or 4 weeks of more crit workouts on the end?

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I finished Crit Specialty recently and I’d made a few tweaks towards the end of the plan, not for reasons such as yours though.

I’m guessing it all depends on what events you have planned for the year ahead. I’m doing more crits and a handful of 60 mile road races. For this reason I’m reducing the number of VO2 specific sessions I do per week and I’m looking to improve my endurance and mental capacity via increased duration intervals.

End of the day, it all depends what the road ahead looks like. Once I’m through May, I’ll go back to Sweet Spot Base and then build again for August to October.