Finish Line disc brake cleaner - worth it?

It’s on sale at REI, and saw it while browsing for any other goodies that were on sale.

Is it on sale because it doesn’t work? Anyone tried it?

Alcohol and Heptane

It’s good stuff if you need to spray. To clean my brake rotors, I just use rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes.

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Just what a growing human body needs.

I read the ingredients of the chain lube I was using, and definitely used it more often in an area with good air flow. :face_with_spiral_eyes: My poor liver…

I’ve tried the pig stuff, and it really didn’t work. I’ve had better luck using a brass drill brush, and iso. But it spreads fine metal particles and probably has a limited life span of working, and will have to swap rotors at some point. (I also got some 240 grit sandpaper for the pads (Be careful you sand them straight)

Some ‘fixes’ last hours, some days of use…

Disc brake cleaner is awesome but just buy the automotive ones off amazon. There are two different types, but i find the flammable ones work best.

$7.49 today

Yeah, I know. Having had so much problems with ‘solutions’, I didn’t know if this was another dud.

Saw these bars too! :flushed:

I have those bars (but narrower) on my gravel bike and absolutely love them.

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I just let my pads keep my rotors clean… and use a damp cloth to wipe the areas the pads don’t contact.

Yeah, wondering if they are too wide for me. Hmm…

I’ve never had luck with any sort of pad cleaner or squeal-stopper products. I’ve maintained fleets of bikes and have tried everything I could think of to try and decontaminate pads & rotors and haven’t found anything that works.

Sometimes sanding both the pads and rotors and re-bedding them in can work, but not always. Burning is another option, but not one I’m not super fond of.

In my opinion, you don’t want anything on your pads and rotors except for maybe a little isopropyl alcohol if it’s really needed. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, me neither. I was out with my Aspero, and noticed that the brakes were quieter and thought they were ‘bedded in’, only to have them start screeching again by the end of the ride. It was fairly dry outside after days of high humidity, so nothing is likely to be contaminated, except for being on my bike rack heading to/from the trail. (If being on a bike carrier is a really bad idea for disc brakes, everyone is in for a lot of drama, and expense. If Murphy is a guide, I’d say that even using those disc covers from Muc-Off will be an invitation to problems.

The Fat Boy I bought started out, after a couple of weeks, HONKING loudly, and was an incredible embarrassment. the head mechanic happened to be on a ride with the Canadian Goose, and took it back to the shop and replaced the rotors and pads and it quieted out, like you’d expect, only to get honking again.

Now, on that bike in particular, I have given up. If the brakes work, I don’t care how loud they are, although the Fat Boy has a history of frightening the heck out of deer, and scaring the heck out of me when they leap up out of nowhere and sprint away!

Also the ‘Squeal Out’ has been hard to get (the last time I tried to get some) and I wonder if it’s a legal issue. It’s basically a rubbing compound that people use (used to use) to remove finish issues on their car bodies/paint. It definitely has the feel and smell of a standard rubbing compound. (I thought wouldn’t it be funny if they are just repackaging someone elses product and making a killing on it? And getting that compound out of the holes in the discs is a PITA. sigh

Almost all my bikes honk and squeal, and I got used to it. If the rotors were thicker, the sounds might not be so noticeable, and then someone could make a resurfacing machine to do what they do with road vehicle rotors (or used to do before drilled and vented rotors became so thin. Ironic?)

Yeah, it can be a pain to deal with. I’ve got a noisy rear rotor right now that I’ve been putting off fixing. :yawning_face:

Sometimes all it takes for them to become noisy is some water. Using disc brakes in wet conditions can cause pads to simply glaze over and become less effective and obnoxiously loud. This is why it’s a common issue with fat bikes. :snowman_with_snow:

In those cases, sometimes sanding will actually help, but the trick is getting all of the moisture out of the pads which can take quite a while. It’s almost better to have a couple of sets of pads so that when one set gets wet you can take them out and let them sit for a while before giving them a gentle resurfacing and putting them back in. :man_mechanic:

Hah! I was looking for pads for my Roubaix, sure I had a pair around somewhere, and found way too many sets from the fat bike. The money sitting in that bin, and it was because I raced it a few times, and when it honked, the frame seemed to incredibly amplify the noise. I’m left wondering if the industry knows this is an issue, and loves (appreciates) the money spent to ‘fix’ the noise. :roll_eyes:

I thought that nearly 8 bucks (plus shipping) might fix it. :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :roll_eyes: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :unamused:

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I’ve always just used brake cleaner from the auto parts store🤷🏻‍♂️