Oz cycle chain wax

Link to his formula

Link to his testing method

MSW formula is 450g paraffin, 5g PTFE, and 1g MOS2

Oz cycle formula is 10 parts paraffin, 1 part PTFE (by weight), so about ten times as much PTFE, with no MOS2.

Thoughts? His test showed significantly less chain stretch than MSW.


I’m going to give this a try. PTFE 1.6 micron available from Amazon (US) for about $12 for 100 grams

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definitely giving it a try after i run out of msw. he has pretty excellent ideas about drivetrain cleaning / lubing. to me it looks like a way cheaper, much cleaner msw.

actually started cleaning my 4 extra chains right after i watched his video lol

so the benefits of waxing your chains in this fashion seem pretty great, but how do people deal with having to rewax your chain every couple of hundred miles? do you have like 3 chains that are waxed and ready to go at all times? are you constantly screwing with quick links (i thought those were single use only or something?)

i’ve been using squirt’s wax lube and it’s pretty good, but nowhere as clean as that guy’s chains! i’d be interested in messing with waxing a chain like that but also don’t want it to be too much of a hassle

I’m don’t ride the miles most of the TR users do but I have 3 chains I rotate through and swap them at about 300 miles. When all three are used up I setup the mini crock pot and wax all 3 at once. My main reason for using MSW is to get rid of the nasty black mess on the chain that I always was getting on my hands or calves and waxing has done that very well. If it offers even less friction so much the better. And I switched over to YBN quick links that can be reused up to 5 times to keep the cost of the quick links down a bit.

Probably a bit more hassle than just using regular lube but I have the time to do it and the benefits out way the little bit of additional work for me by a long shot.

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I bought 2 new chains and wax them about every two months for indoor riding. Little bits of wax get on your chain stays but everything is much cleaner. Outdoors I think waxed chains make a substantial difference (2%+ over a clean, oiled chain). Our big local hill has 2600’ of climbing and waxing the chain dropped my time over a minute. (I know n=1 and not very scientific). As a second point of reference the delta between my vector 3 power and Neo 2 power decreased 7W when I went to a waxed chain and goes down about 3W when I put on a freshly waxed chain

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Question for those who are waxing chains - what about chain noise? My drive train with RnR Gold stays virtually silent for a couple hundred miles. Then very easy to reapply. Some comments from those using MSW state that noise was an issue. Is this formulation better in that regard? Would like to try waxing but not willing to give up a quiet drive train for two watts.

Been Waxing my chain for the past 3 seasons… and will never go back… LOVE IT!

Gulf Wax only… but ordered some PTFE 1.6 micron and will add it and see what happens!

I switch and bath chains ever 2-3 weeks in season (200-300 km)!

thanks for the replies, everyone!

another question though, since it’s winter and garbage-y outside right now, i’m going to be using my bike inside on the trainer. Will a newly waxed chain start to flick little bits of wax everywhere in my house??


Put the chain on… take the bike either outside or into the bath (seriously)

Lift the rear wheel and rotate the cranks a few dozens times at slowish speed!

Enjoy your Waxed Chain!

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It seems quieter to me with the wax. I commute 30 miles for work on my bike plus whatever workout I am doing so I am going more than 300 miles on a waxed chain, probably closer to 400 miles with no issues. I ride on some really dirty pavement and the chain stays relatively clean.

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I was doing the OZ cycle way for a couple months. I ended up switching to Squirt lube because I got tired of taking the chain off and doing the crock pot thing.

Have 2 or more chains

Use a KMC Missing Link

200-300 km using the Park Master Link Tool to remove the link

Dropped ‘used’ chain into Rice Cooker or Crock Pot of choice of Gulf Wax and PTFE

While that cooks…

Grab second chain and install on Bike!

What’s so hard about doing this?! :stuck_out_tongue:


I also rotate 3 chains/bike with ~3 bikes in rotation so I only need to wax every other month or so and do a big batch of like 10 chains at a time. I keep squirt on hand in case a bike needs a touchup and I don’t have time to swap a chain. I use Chain-L or Silca NFS in the winter on the rain bike but it doesn’t get out that much maybe 500 miles total so only need 1-2 applications there. For wax I get anywhere from 50-300 miles per wax depending on conditions

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Yes, but it’s quite easy to vacuum the wax up.

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I workout in the kitchen and have to brush the bits that have fallen off the chain afterwards. The wax doesn’t mark the floor in any way.

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I have Hard Wood Floors where I have my KICKR.

I brush up any wax bits after a workout after I have installed a Newly Waxed Chain.

In summer I place my bike on my Euro Stand outside and hand crank and watch the Wax fly around into the world around me! :slight_smile:

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