Finding time for high volume

At present I’m home alone so decided to move myself on to the Sustained Power Build High Volume plan. I feel like the TSS is manageable and actual the rides feel more completable than the mid volume SSB2 plan. The one thing I’m really struggling with is finding time for the rides, eating and doing any personal life admin. With commuting I’m out of the house with work and commuting 7.30am-7pm that means getting home having a bowl of cereal and then being on the trainer until 9.30/10ish and then trying to eat a proper meal before bed. I can’t quiet get my head around being up before 5 to get a ride in before work. I don’t really want to be training until midnight or eating at 10 but it feels like there are no other options.
Does anyone have any good strategies to get around this?

Can’t you replace your endurance-rides in HV with your commutes?

Mate, simple as 4:30 AM wake up and get some :slight_smile:

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Its not clearly stated if his commutes are on bike or in a car. I assumed in car as the only mention is about time spent. And it likely includes a typo:

That time entry makes no sense.

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I think he means 07:30 to 19:00

Maybe, maybe not. Getting sufficient sleep is essential for any training, but especially true for HV. Sacrificing sleep could lead to issues, so that early up requires an early down to get the typical 7-9 hours in the sack.

Yes sorry my bad.

Commute is by 20 min walk then an hour on the tube. In a few weeks it will move to an hour each way riding instead

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There’s only so much time in the day. Indoor training makes the best use of that time but it sure seems to me that the Mid-volume plans would be good to stick with in your situation. I’m sure there are plenty of people on here that just work/bike though…

Personally. I’d stick to MV! Might (and mean might) be able to fit in HV for a bit…but likely wear you down and also always worth having some space for general life!

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Why have you chosen high volume when clearly you don’t have the time?

If you were working with a coach one of the first questions they’d ask is how much time you can train on each day. You’d be better off with mid volume and adding extra where you can. Better to complete a shorter plan then to fail a longer one.

Simple answer – to try and get faster more work I hope equals more benefits. The same question could really be asked about the mid volume plan an extra 30-45 minutes on the bike does make that big a difference either way most of my evening has been taken up on the bike.

Tuesday (90) the same as MV

Wed (90) 30 mins more than MV

Thursday (12) this is the killer one 45 mins more than MV

Friday 60 mins more but only a short ride – short and easy enough that I’m happy to do in the morning.

Weekends I have the time to do either

Dude…go with MV like others have suggested.

I did SPBHV in December and it required a LOT of sleep and a LOT of eating to get through it.

If you don’t have the time to do either of those two things properly, then you most likely won’t be able to complete HV properly — no matter how bad you want it.

Maybe mix it up with MV workouts during the week and HV workouts on the weekend.

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Options I see, based on experience:

  1. Train either early mornings or late at night, whichever you’re able to stick with and recover for the next ride… while getting enough sleep. I know people that train 9pm+ and another with a 3:30-4am start on their trainer rides.

  2. Fire up the MV plan, but replace some workouts. Do the HV workouts on the weekend as Doughnut suggested, or what I did was replace the Tuesday MV workouts with a 90m variation vs the prescribed 60m workout - added some TSS in a manageable timeframe and was something I could stick to.

You could create your own Mid/High hybrid. On work days do the mid durations. On days off the high durations. Of course watch out for the higher intensity of some mid workouts when figuring out the mix.

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Sure you need to go early down (9-10 PM for me) but having this routine helps me falling asleep quicker and i feel my sleep is better quality now.

I had the same issue so i started with doing mix MV and HV but finally decided to go complete HV, i’m doing now SSB HV2 and 700+ TSS week is coming soon … :slight_smile:

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